Chip tuner Power Chip ? Davao City in Davao City, Davao Region for sale

Chip tuner Power Chip ? Davao City
Chip tuner Power Chip ? Davao City

The modern high speed diesel and gasoline engine relies on many sensors within
the engines control system eg throttle position sensor, boost sensors, O2
sensors, mass air flow sensor etc, the signals from which determine how the
diesel/gas engine performs and alters its parameters to suit certain
conditions, like idle, full throttle, heavy load etc.
These sensor signals are all collected and processed thousands of times a
second by the vehicles ECU which determines what alterations to make to the
engines system to keep it running at full efficiency usually economy and
All automobile manufacturers overbuild there engines and then de-tune via the
on-board ECU to meet the ever increasing strict emissions standards from
country to country.
NOW you can unleash that hidden power with one of our custom programed tuner
chips brought to you by Quantum Mechanics Of Davao!
Prices for our system range from PHP25,000 depending on the type of
car/truck/SUV gas or diesel you have and the amount of power you want or need.
All of our tuner chips are of the highest quality. Sourced from Germany & the
UK featuring gold plated pins and water tight cases and user changeable power
settings (depends on application) installed and configured to YOUR needs by
American trained technicians at NO EXTRA CHARGE in most cases.
Please contact us for a quote or questions
639494452461/ 639994082724